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May 19, 2014
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Digital Immortality

It always bugs me – the fact that I’ll die some day. Death is perhaps the only common thing that all religions can’t argue upon .

When does a person die ?

Is it when the body deteriorates , gets old and rusty , or is it when there is no will left to live ?

I’d say both .

It would be really awesome if humans could upload their mind – that is copying/transferring their whole consciousness to a computer , where it can survive and function for eternity , possibly being transferred to different bodies at different points of time. I know my dream will be reality one day, because it is our destiny to evolve and better ourselves. Another possibility, rather a better one would be to maintain several copies of the consciousness of a person. These would function parallel to each other and collect information and process it, and then synchronize with the “original” person, effectively allowing them to live “more” in a “small” amount of time.

Shiv Kokroo
Shiv Kokroo
20. Programmer. New Delhi, India

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