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An ode to The Flash

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve secretly wished to possess superpowers. As a kid, I thought it would be cool to impress others but as I grew older, I understood what the consequences of having superpowers might be. I’ve always wanted to have superspeed, the ability to think, move and react extremely quick. Looking back now, apart from helping people, I would’ve clearly used my powers to watch hot girls shower, steal pizzas and travel all around the world illegally.

My favourite superhero, The Flash (Barry Allen), was an ordinary guy who worked as a police scientist. Poor guy was always mocked by his boss and others for being slow, clumsy and late. He was a really nice guy, trust me. One day while working in his lab, a lightning bolt strikes a case full of chemicals, spilling it all over him. After getting bathed in this supercharged mix of chemicals, our beloved protagonist is endowed with the power to run fucking fast. Not only does he run fast, but he can think and react at superhuman speeds. He can vibrate so fast, that he can pass through solid matter via quantum tunnelling. He can read books and process the information lightning quick, allowing him to gain knowledge quickly in emergencies. He thinks so fast, that anyone who tries to read his mind has trouble keeping up with the train of thoughts. With all these powers, Barry becomes the fastest man alive.

He can be almost everywhere at once. And he is. Flash is seen rescuing people all the time, fighting bad guys and even sacrificing his life for others. I’ve always looked up to The Flash as a source of inspiration. I’ve always secretly wished to be The Flash myself. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. The Flash is selfless, courageous and sacrificial. He’s also funny and very witty all the time, making most people think he’s irresponsible and good for nothing but that’s not the case. He’s very caring and very serious when he needs to be. Behind the ever-smiling and cheerful face of Flash lies a sad and lonely person. Because he’s so fast, the rest of the world appears extremely slow to him, almost still. He can’t watch TV, talk to others, have a relationship or do anything normal people can. He lives in a world of his own. 1 day lasts for months for him. Even though no one cares for him, he’s always looking out for danger and saving people. Even after being so unappreciated and overlooked, Flash always looks out for others. And that, my readers, is why I love The Flash and why I aspire to be like him.

Shiv Kokroo
Shiv Kokroo
20. Programmer. New Delhi, India

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    Excellent post! Please post to your blog more often <3

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