Hello there, my name is Shiv Kokroo. Yes, you read that last name right, it's weird. I am on a mission to make the world a better place through the creative use of technology, one day at a time.

I create websites, mobile/desktop apps and conduct data analyses on small scales. My blog serves as a platform to express my thoughts and feelings, document my adventures in cyberspace and interview notable people.

Course of my life

  • 1995Born

    A legend was born
  • 2004First Computer

    Got my first computer
  • 2005Hello World!

    Wrote my first program
  • 2008First Website

    Created my first website
  • 2011BRAINIAC

    Developed BRAINIAC, a software which has versatile features, such as stalking criminals online using their digital fingerprints, assisting blind people whilst using computers and carrying out penetration tests against computer networks.
  • 2012Freelancer

    Certified as one of the top 3000 freelancers worldwide, by Freelancer.com
  • 2013Discovered Asteroids

    Discovered 3 new asteroids (PHB0402, PHB0403, PHB0404), under the Pan-STARRS project.
  • 2014Exoskeleton Prototype

    Designed a machine prototype which enables paralysed people to walk again, by using their brainwaves to directly interface with a mechanical frame which enables movement.
  • 2016Digital YMCA

    Created an app to notify students of my university about the latest news, examinations, urgent notices etc. It was launched by the Honorable Governor of Haryana during a national science conference hosted by the university.

Proficiency In Computer Languages :









Proficiency In Human Languages :

Frequently Used Software :

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE


Adobe Photoshop


Sublime Text

Frequently Asked Questions :

1Who are you?
2Who do you think you are?
No one of consequence.
3Where is all of your code?
I tend to keep my code private because there have been too many instances of people ripping off my code.
4Are you a hacker?
Before I answer that, you must understand what a hacker really is. I urge you to Google the difference between hackers and crackers.Yes, I am a hacker indeed but I do not indulge in it frequently nor am I even remotely close to a professional hacker.
5What language do you code in usually?
Python, because it is simple and easy to code in. If my code works perfectly in Python, I port it to C or C++ for faster speed.
6Why was BRAINIAC pulled down?
The APIs that I used for BRAINIAC changed drastically and I never updated the code, so I took it down. I do not intend to update it since Siri, Google Now and Cortana have taken over the market and are 100x better than BRAINIAC in most cases.